Express gratitude, drive business results

Customers and employees are the real driving force behind your business’s success. Show them your appreciation easily and conveniently through Real Thanks.

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Real Thanks is a platform for appreciation gifting, which aims to make a lasting positive impression and smooth over any issue with customer experience.

Leave a good impression, close more deals

First experience often becomes a deal breaker when it comes to winning over new customers. Real Thanks empowers you to follow up that interaction with a practical gesture of gratitude.


Engage the regular customers, retain those looking towards other businesses

Appreciation gestures make customers feel valued by the brand and increase their loyalty to your company. Utilize the potential of the Real Thanks platform to reach out with a message - you care about your clients, and recognize their importance.

Give appreciation to your employees, recruit new talent for your team

Building up meaningful relationships with your team members helps your brand grow and gain recognition on the market. Actively show that you care for them - your employees will become more loyal and have an incentive to do better for the company.


How it works

1 Set up an account
2 Select a gift
3 Add a note and send
1 Get a message alert
2 Accept the gift offer
3 Receive the gift

Why choose Real Thanks?

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Accessible from anywhere, anytime

Real Thanks is a web-based solution that can be used from any device - mobile, tablet or desktop. This allows you to send out gifts from your home, office and even on the go.

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Streamlined gifting process

You can easily send gifts to multiple people by simply adding their email addresses to Real Thanks, and even scheduling your messages to be sent out on specific dates.

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Multiple team members

Add any number of people from your team and set the rules: specify the budget they can spend, available gift сategories for sending, and more.

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A time-saving solution to gifting

Instead of browsing the web for suitable options and ordering them yourself, send out a ‘thank you’ with your gift of choice to the person you’d like to show appreciation to.

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An intuitive platform

Real Thanks is easy to use, thanks to an intuitive interface making the experience enjoyable for both the company representatives and gift receivers.

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Analytics & Insights

Learn how well your gifting is performing, what gifts are the most popular with your clients - this’ll help make informed decisions for your future strategies and efforts.

How does showing appreciation help your business?

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  • Higher customer lifetime and return rates
  • Higher employee satisfaction and productivity
  • A way to stand out and outperform the competition
  • Boosted sales
  • Brand awareness

Take a moment to thank the people who help your business grow